Tuscarora Scholarship Program


Academic Year 2008-2009




Deadline: January 15th, 2008











Tuscarora Scholarship Program and Application

2008-2009 Academic Year



As agreed upon in the Relicensing Agreement between the Power Authority of the State of New York and the Tuscarora Nation, the PA is responsible for developing and implementing in consultation with the Nation, a scholarship program.


The scholarship program will begin in the academic year following the Acceptance Date of the Relicensing Agreement and shall extend through the remainder of the New License term, which is approximately fifty years.


Terms of the Scholarship


The program will provide, on an annual basis, two undergraduate full tuition scholarships to Nation citizens matriculating at any community college or university in the State University of New York System.The student shall receive tuition for the fall and spring semesters for four years.




To be eligible for the Tuscarora Scholarship; 1) the student must attend a SUNY school as a matriculating student; and 2) be enrolled at Tuscarora.




The recipient of the Tuscarora Scholarship must fulfill a Community involvement obligation within the four years in which the scholarship award is received.Also, the recipient must remain a matriculated, degree seeking student at a college or university in the State University of New York system to continue to receive the award.






Application Instructions


In order to be considered for the scholarship, you need to complete the following:


1) Fill out the application.


2) Write an essay of 200-300 words.


3) Submit two Letters of Recommendation from two different people with the application materials.The people who write your letters of recommendation are the advocate.These people may be a teacher, supervisor, co-worker, advisor, or someone who has known you for at least a year.This person should NOT be an immediate relative.The letter and Form 1 should be completed, sealed in an envelope, and signed by the advocate when you submit them with the rest of your materials.


4) Propose a Community Involvement project using Form 2.If you are awarded the scholarship, this is the community involvement you will perform.


5) Submit high school transcripts or GED scores.High school transcripts must be sent directly to the Scholarship Committee from the high school.


6) Return the application materials by January 15th, 2008 to the Tuscarora Elementary School, Attention of Tuscarora Scholarship Committee.Incomplete applications will not be considered.



Please retain a copy of your submission for your records.



Tuscarora Scholarship Committee


2007 was the inaugural year for the Tuscarora Scholarship Program.The Tuscarora Scholarship Committee has been formed to develop and implement the criteria and obligations set forth by the scholarship as well as select and award recipients.The Committee is formed by members of the Tuscarora Nation.


*The Tuscarora Scholarship Program Application, including but not limited to eligibility requirements and obligations are subject to change at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee.





2008-2009 Tuscarora Scholarship Program Application

Application Deadline: Must be received by January 15th, 2008

Incomplete applications will not be considered.


Criteria:Recipient must be an enrolled Tuscarora Citizen

Obligation: Recipient must complete a community involvement project or service period for the Tuscarora Nation upon receiving the scholarship.


Student Name_______________________________________ †††Gender: Male or Female


City__________________________________________†††† State_________ Zip_______

Phone________________ Cell_________________

Do you live on the Tuscarora Nation? Yes or No (Circle one)

Have you attended a college, university, or technical school previously? Yes or No

If yes, list any degrees or certifications _______________________________________

If you withdrew, please state why____________________________________________

Schools Applied to________________________________________________________


Schools Accepted to_______________________________________________________


Which school is your first choice to attend? ____________________________________

Anticipated Start Date______________ Anticipated Graduation date________________

High School GPA (on a 4.0 scale) ____

List academic or athletic honors and awards____________________________________


List community involvement or service, on or off the Nation_______________________


List extracurricular activities________________________________________________


Estimated family contribution towards education expenses________________________

List other sources of financial assistance applied for______________________________


Estimated financial need for the academic year 2008-2009________________________


On a separate sheet, state your educational and other future goals in an essay of 200-300 words. Use Times New Roman size 12 and be clear and concise.

Some other possible subjects to be included are:

  • Significant life experiences and people that have shaped your educational and career choices
  • The impact of your educational and community experiences thus far
  • Your special interests
  • Career objectives and your desired location of practice or work
  • Academic strengths and challenges
  • Work experience
  • Personal accomplishments, achievements, and experiences that have given you satisfaction and have helped to form your character.


Two letters of recommendation are required.Use Form 1 to complete the requirement.


Propose a plan of Community Service using Form 2.


Application Checklist:

  • Application
  • Essay stating goals
  • Submit two complete copies of Form 1, with letters of recommendation
  • Submit transcripts or GED Scores directly from school
  • Submit a completed Form 2, Proposal for Community Involvement


Incomplete applications will not be considered.


All questions sent to:Jamie Gilbert

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Niagara Wheatfield School District

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† (716) 215-3100 x 2344

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† jgilbert@nwcsd.org


All applications sent to: Tuscarora Scholarship Committee

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †† Tuscarora Elementary School

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †† 2015 Mt. Hope Road

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †† Lewiston, NY 14092




2008-2009 Tuscarora Scholarship Program

Form 1: Recommendations



This form must be completed, signed, and returned for the application to be complete.The Tuscarora Scholarship Program requires two letters of recommendation from two different individuals unrelated to the applicant.






††††††††††† Last†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††† First†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †† MI





The person named above is the applicant for the Tuscarora Scholarship Program.Each applicant is required to provide supporting statements from two different individuals.


Please attach your letter of recommendation to this form.

Provide your assessment of the applicant.Include any relevant comments that will be helpful in evaluating him or her for the scholarship.Form 1 and the letter should be confidential and not shared with the applicant.


How long have you known the nominee? ______________________________________

In what capacity have you known the nominee? _________________________________


Advocateís Name_________________________________________††††† Date_________





Daytime Phone__________________††† Email__________________________________


Place the Recommendation letter and this form in an envelope and sign across the closure of the envelope.Return the envelope to the applicant.





2008-2009†† Tuscarora Scholarship Program

Form 2:Community Involvement


In order to encourage Nation resources as well as enable the coming generations to explore their talents, interests, and career paths, we are asking that you, the applicant, develop a plan of community service or involvement you can perform, if selected to be the recipient, over the course of the next four years.Community involvement could be proposed for one of the following areas: Environmental, Educational, Health and Well Being, Cultural, Administrative, Recreational, Historical and the Arts.The number of hours performed will be agreed on upon project proposal.


Some examples of community involvement:

       Environmental: Organizing clean-ups, promote recycling, composting and conservation

       Educational: Promote reading in schools, become a tutor or mentor

       Health and Well Being: research and implement traditional native diets and medicines, healthy cooking and baking, assisting elderly

       Cultural: Preserve life stories of the elderly, storytelling to youngsters,

       Administrative: filing and organizing office materials for the Nationís offices

       Recreational: Organize a social club, cultivate sportsmanship, organize movie nights or game nights

       Historical: Genealogy, veteran remembrance, or historical research for the community.


These are just examples. You are encouraged to develop your own creative plan.Keep in mind who, or what, do you want to affect or influence, what methods or ways you can achieve that goal, and how much time it will take on your part.


Applicantís Name_________________________________________________________

Title of Community Involvement Plan_________________________________________

Proposed number of hours of work: ___________________________________________

Purpose of community service_______________________________________________

Describe your plan:†††













Additional applications can be found at:



       New York Power Authority website http://niagara.nypa.gov/Tuscarora.htm

       Tuscarora Environment Office

       Tuscarora Elementary School

       Jamie Gilbert at Niagara Wheatfield (716) 215-3100 x 2344




All questions sent to:


Jamie Gilbert

Niagara Wheatfield School District

(716) 215-3100 x 2344




All applications sent to:


Tuscarora Scholarship Committee

Tuscarora Elementary School

2015 Mt. Hope Road

Lewiston, NY 14092










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Two of form 1, with two letters


Form 2


Transcripts or GED