Ecological Standing Committee Meeting (November 14, 2007

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The process for implementing an HIP

HIPS Expenditure Report

The mechanism for setting up and implementing the HERF 


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Implementation of an HIP - Frog Island (Schedule)


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HIPS Fund Expenditure Report

Niagara Settlement Obligations



Estimated Cost

Spent To Date (9/30/2007)


Beaver Island Wetland Restoration




Strawberry Island Wetland Restoration




Frog Island Restoration




Motor Island Shoreline Protection




Invasive Species-Buckhorn and Tifft Marsh




Osprey Nesting Platforms




Common Tern Nesting




Fish Attraction Structures




Native RTE Plant Restoration Feasibility




Cayuga Creek Restoration




Total HIPs





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Habitat Enhancement and Restoration Fund (HERF)

q    Within ninety (90) days of the effective date of the New License or license issuance, whichever is later, the Power Authority shall establish a Fish and Wildlife Habitat Enhancement and Restoration Fund (HERF), in the amount of $16,179,645 (NPV 2007), in an interest-bearing account at an accredited bank in the State of New York

q     The ESC must identify and approve select projects and activities to be funded by the HERF

q     Proposals for funding shall not replace natural resource management programs funded by the General Fund of the State of New York or DEC Environmental Programs

q     Project proponents must consult with the chief elected official or a designated representative of any affected municipal, county, Tribal and appropriate State and Federal agencies and provide written documentation in the form of a letter of such consultation with any application for funding


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q    Envisioned projects include but are not limited to:

      future HIPs

      land acquisition

      habitat improvement

      habitat research

      fish, wildlife, and indigenous plant species restoration

      stewardship activities throughout the Niagara River including within the Niagara Gorge, its headwaters at Lake Erie, the mouth of the river at Lake Ontario, its tributaries between these two points, and their associated watersheds

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q    The following criteria shall be considered when determining whether to fund projects under the HERF:

     Projects that address a demonstrated Project impact

     Projects that preserve RTE plant, aquatic, terrestrial species and/or their   habitat in the Niagara Basin

     Projects with a strong scientific foundation

     Projects that contribute to long-term protection and enhancement of RTE plant, aquatic, and terrestrial species and/or their habitat in the Niagara Basin

     Projects that achieve multiple ecological goals

     Projects that preserve and restore Haudenosaunee cultural, religious, and historic features

     Projects that involve multi-stakeholder collaboration

     Projects consistent with applicable local, State, and Federal resource management plans

     Projects that feature matching resources

     Projects that are time-sensitive

     Projects that have documented municipal, county and Tribal support

     Projects that are feasible from a cost/probability of success perspective