Buffalo & Erie County Greenway Fund

Standing Committee


Meeting Minutes



January 14, 2009


Marcy Casino


Committee Members Present

Holly Sinnott (Chair), Anne Joyce, Karen Stanley Fleming, Robert Daly, David Colligan


Meeting was called to order by the Chair at 4:07 pm.


Approval of December 1, 2008 Meeting Minutes, moved by Anne Joyce, Second Karen Stanly Fleming, Approved 4-0




City of Tonawanda Pavilion

            Mayor Ron Pilozzi gave an overview of the project.  The indicated that a 10% match for the project is in the City budget.  He discussed the lighting, signage and other amenities of the project.  The mayor compared this project with the Noco Pavilion.  The mayor said the project would provide an educational opportunity for the community; it would be available year round and would be open to the public.


Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy – Minnow Pools

            Thomas Herrara Mishler presented a slide show of the project.  He indicated that the project would contain consistent lighting and signage standards as the Committee requests.  He indicated that BOPC will research additional funds for the project and the maintenance agreement with the City of Buffalo will put this park into Legacy Landscape.


City of Buffalo – Times Beach

            Peter Merlo (COB) and Doug Ackerman (NYS DOT) gave a project overview.  It was indicated that the maintenance for the improvements would be put onto the City’s checklist.  Signage and furnishings would be consistent with Committee guidelines.  This project is one of a group that has been submitted for TEP funds and the outcome is uncertain. 

A Joyce requested a budget breakdown. 


Canadian Consulate – Year of Shared Waters Celebration

            Steve Brereton gave an overview of the events that will encompass the Bi-National Niagara Celebration.  Aspects that will be highlighted include shared economy, hydropower, tourism, and the environment.  The celebration group is seeking $20,000 support.  H Sinnott asked about building in a way to showcase the Greenway into the events.  Mr. Brereton responded yes. 


Public comments


Julie O’Neil – Riverkeeper

            Julie indicated that she supports all projects and endorsed the concept of Greenway principles, such as Shared Waters Celebration, being supported by the committee.  Julie voiced a concern about the Times Beach project being supported by greenway funds.  Julie is concerned that greenway dollars may be used to address problems that are truly under the prevue of NYS DOT. 


Anne Joyce motioned to close the meeting and Karen Stanley Fleming seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 5:35 pm