Ecological Standing Committee Meeting (May 28, 2008)

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            Ecological Standing Committee Meeting

·        May 28, 2008

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·        Update on selected Habitat Improvement Project Designs and Schedules

·        Results of the Feasibility Study for Protecting and Restoring Native Plants in the Vicinity of the Niagara Gorge.

·        Action Items from the February 15, 2008

·        Meeting Wrap Up / Action Items

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Fish Attraction Structures

·        Shallow Water Structures

o       Design Complete for three prototypes

o       Gratwick Park

o       10 ft depth (5 ft min clearance during boating season)

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Shallow Water Fish Attraction Structures

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Fish Attraction Structures cont.

·        Deep Water Structures

o       Input from Angling Clubs

§         Locations

§         What fish like

·        Four locations identified by NYSDEC

·        Three conceptual designs

o       Boulder field

o       Rock slope

o       Saddleback

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Potential Deep Water Fish Attraction Structures identified during 03/27/3008 Meeting with the NYSDEC and the Niagara Muskie Association

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            “Saddleback” Structure

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Rock Slope

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Fish Attraction Structures cont.

·        Remainder of 2008

o       Permitting

o       Issue RFP through NYPA Procurement

o       Hire contractor

o       Investigation of habitat in specific locations prior to installation

o       Install (October)

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Common Tern

·        Nesting Update 2008

o       Preliminary count = 1500 nesting pairs

o       Nest numbers higher on Upper River

o       Experiment with new enclosure and larger nesting box

·        HIP Design

o       Structural modifications to breakwater cement may not be feasible

o       Discussions continue over rafts or barges

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·        Platform Location in 2008

o       East River Marsh

o       Potential locations in marsh identified

o       Tree height measured

o       NYSDEC selected location

o       Design pole installation

o       Issue RFP for platform construction

o       Install platform, (Fall, 2008)

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Potential Osprey Platform Locations in East River Marsh

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Invasive Species

·        Work Completed

o       Contacted Paul Fuhrman (western NY PRISM), provided insight into Buffalo area issues

o       Winter survey - Buckhorn Marsh and Tifft Nature Preserve (worked in conjunction with Dave Spiering)

o       Preliminary mapping of results

·        Remainder of 2008

o       Conduct Summer Survey (July)

o       Develop Invasive Species Action Plan (Fall)

§         Report on existing conditions

§         Provide blueprint for actions in the future

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Feasibility Study for the Restoration of Native Terrestrial Plants in the Vicinity of the Niagara Gorge

·        TRC Solutions

·        Riveredge Associates

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Review Action Items