DATE/TIME: May 28, 2008

LOCATION:  NYPA Power Vista Community Room, Lewiston, NY


Action Items


  1. NYPA will consult with City of North Tonawanda about Gratwick Park fish  habitat/attraction structures.
  2. NYPA will check on water level data for shallow fish habitat/attraction structure design.
  3. NYPA will reach out to the boating community about shallow fish habitat/attraction structures.
  4. NREC will look into interest for a program for college students to observe construction of fish attraction structures.
  5. NYPA will look at permit schedule for fish habitat attraction structures and coordinate with local communities.
  6. NYPA will do internal Greenway Consistency Review for HIPs
  7. NREC will consult with ornithological groups about common tern and osprey HIPs.
  8. NYPA will consult Grand Island about osprey pole at East River Marsh.
  9. ESC will consider information kiosk for osprey nesting poles.
  10. NREC to organize meeting about critical bird area and bird HIPs
  11. NREC will work with Greenway Commission to conduct informational meetings about the Gorge.
  12. NYPA will meet with municipalities that will be hosting HIPs.  Can use Erie and Niagara Environmental Commissions.
  13. At next meeting, NREC will report on its grant application for the Great Lakes Initiative.
  14. Timing and process for future HIPs and potential leverage opportunities be on next meeting’s agenda
  15. At next meeting, NYPA and NYSDEC will report on status of $1M allocation to the NYSDEC and $200,000 for Cayuga Creek Restoration.
  16. NYPA will circulate STL protocols about how to spend funds and how projects are selected for funding.
  17. Next meeting will be in September.