Fisherman’s Landing -- Town of Grand Island - $400,482

The project will create scenic and accessible parkland along the Niagara River by demolishing a sewer station and performing site enhancements and beautification.  Added amenities will include landscaping, paved area to serve as a fishing platform, a bicycle rack and lighting.  Two parking area’s and a pedestrian walkway will be constructed. 


Shoreline Trail Signage -- Erie County - $205,000

The Shoreline Trail - Riverwalk segment is a 14-mile waterfront trail from the City of Buffalo north to the City of Tonawanda. It was built over 25 years ago, as a coordinated approach with Erie County, the cities of Buffalo and Tonawanda, the Town of Tonawanda, and the Greater Buffalo-Niagara Regional Transportation Council.  This project focuses on completing signage for the Riverwalk section of the Shoreline Trail, which is already built and under County ownership and maintenance. This project will serve as a Pilot Program for other sections of the trail to address issues of inadequate trail designation, signage and materials. This is important to promote the conservation of open space and critical environmental resources along the Niagara River. Further, the trail would also promote the regional network of bicycle and walking trails which directly improve the quality of residents’ lives and visitors’ experience.

Scajaquada Creekside Trail -- Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy - $1,210,467

The Project by the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy is the restoration and rehabilitation of the Scajaquada Bike Trail from its connection point with the Riverwalk west of Niagara Street to its connection into the Olmsted Park System at the Japanese Garden in Delaware Park. The project includes recommendations and establishment of signage and wayfinding standards for the Greenway, and implementation of a signage and wayfinding plan for the Scajaquada corridor, recommendation and establishment of site furnishing and lighting standards for the Greenway, and implementation of a site furnishing and lighting plan for the Scajaquada corridor, resurfacing pathways, constructing erosion control measure along slopes as well as the banks of the creek, improved landscape character and vegetative diversity along with invasive species removal, improving safety both at crosswalks through traffic calming measures as well as safety and security along the path itself. At both ends of the corridor there are transition points that clearly call for a moment of interpretation of the surrounding landscape and opportunity to create a gathering space with comfort amenities and site furnishings.


LaSalle Park – City of Buffalo - $654,830

The purpose of the LaSalle Park First Impression Plan is to create an attractive entryway and improved access into Buffalo’s Premier Waterfront Park in order to bring more city residents and visitors to the park.   LaSalle Park is strategically located near downtown Buffalo, Lake Erie, the Peace Bridge and the Erie Basin Marina.  The First Impression project proposes to utilize approximately $650,000 to add a playground, signature shelter, grills, benches, landscaping and an attractive roadway with granite curbs and lighting at the Northern entry of the park.  These will be welcome improvements to the current entry road, which is in poor repair.  In addition, to frame the renovated pool house and Centennial Pool, the First Impression project will provide a paved parking area where gravel currently exists. 


Park Pavilion - City of Tonawanda - $866,970

This project includes the construction of a boardwalk and pavilion along the shore of Nia-wanda Park in the City of Tonawanda.  The project will provide recreational options and a social gathering place for residents and visitors.  The pavilion will be available year round. 


Minnow Pools at Riverside Park --Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy - $305,000

The project by the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy is the rehabilitation of the Minnow Pools in the historic Olmsted-designed Riverside Park. The project includes a restoration of the intended landscape character of the Minnow Pools of a seasonal wetland for storm water retention capacity. The planting plan will include all native plants: wildflowers, grasses, shrubs and trees. The project also includes the restoration of 1,850 feet of historic pathway with benches and other user amenities. Additionally, there is a complete system of wayfinding, interpretive and regulatory signage.


Union Ship Canal -- Buffalo Urban Development Corporation - $385,000

An effort to restore public access to what once was a privately owned heavily industrial site; the park will include picnicking, fishing, hiking, and a multi-use trail connection to the Outer Harbor. 


Riverside Park Concourse -- Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy - $56,175

The overall project includes the restoration of all aspects of the formal concourse including: formal planting beds, the central fountain, picnic shelter with comfort facilities, a bandstand, and vehicle drop-off loop along Hotaling Drive. The project also includes the restoration of 2100 feet of historic pedestrian pathways with benches and other user amenities, general landscape restoration including tree plantings as well as way finding, interpretive, and regulatory signage.


Land Acquisition Study -- Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper - $100,000

This project seeks to determine the feasibility and desirability of not-for-profit acquisition of one 18 acre and a second 38 acre waterfront Brownfield area within the City of Buffalo for public water access and ecological restoration purposes. 


LaSalle Park Phase 2/ Porter Avenue -- City of Buffalo - $993,506

The purpose of the LaSalle Park Phase II Master Plan Implementation is to address safety concerns and to add recreational features of this waterfront “diamond in the rough.”  


Riverfest Park -- Valley Community Association - $410,000

The project will create a 2.5 acre public access linear park on the Buffalo River on Ohio Street just east of Michigan Avenue in Buffalo, New York.


Nature Preserve Sustainability Center Expansion -- Buffalo Museum of Science - Tifft $225,000 in 2010 funds and $275,000 in 2011 funds.

The proposed project will allow for the continuation of 30 years of quality environmental education by the Museum at Tifft Nature Preserve and build upon the 150 year history of research and science education at the Buffalo Museum of Science.


Tifft Street Pier -- City of Buffalo - $470,000

The project will provide ADA compliant access to the water along with a fishing area, boardwalk and seating area.  Natural plantings will be installed as well.  The funds requested will represent a local match, leveraging over $1.8 million of federal funds.  Construction is expected to be complete within a year. 


Fenian Invasion Marker -- Fenian Marker Committee - $21,108

The project consists of placing a marker recognizing the important historical contribution of the Fenians to Western New York.  It will showcase the rich history of Tow Path Park.  It will take 6 months to ship the stone from Ireland and have it carved and placed at the site.


Adaptive Paddle sports Launch System -- City of Tonawanda - $75,325

The City of Tonawanda will diversify river access opportunities for the general public by adding a paddlesports launch facility in Ellicott Creek. This facility will be located on the waterfront of Eastern Park. It is located on the north bank of the creek about 2,000 feet above the confluence with the Erie Canal and is just 4,000 feet from the Niagara River. The launch facility will serve as a trailhead for a new water trail that is still in the planning stage. Once established this trail will join the existing inventory of blue water trails that includes the Cayuga Creek Canoe Trail, Paddles Up Niagara Trail and the Buffalo River Canoe Trail.



Black Rock Heritage Trail War of 1812 Project -- Northwest Buffalo Community Development Center - $105,000

Identified a major 1812 war site and defined a project based on community input and historical background.  There is no replication of any other Greenway project efforts, connects with other Greenway projects to the north and the museum area.  Project consists of markers, a mural, and vignette. 


Black Rock Canal Park Improvements --Erie County: $900,000  ($135,000 2010 funds; $765,000 in 2011 and 2012 fund).

The funds would be used for design and construction of a park at the Ontario Street boat launch.  The county has worked with the local community group to design a plan that would provide greater utilization and re-green the area.  Trees and shrubs will be added to naturalize the shore area, maintain the free boat launch and recognize the 1812 war Battleship Detroit. 


River Fest Park Phase II -- Valley Community Association $250,000

Phase II will include the concession building, extended docks, and park amenities to be completed in 2012. The work includes design and engineering, partial construction management, testing, grant administration, an outdoor banquet tent with concrete pad, security cameras, insurance, water and electric, maintenance, furniture, fixtures and kitchen equipment, and marketing. This request includes start up to initiate park operations until venues can produce revenues and the goal is to be self sustaining.


Fireboat Cotter -- Friends of the Cotter $60,000 Challenge Grant

The Friends of the Edward M. Cotter is raising funds for the historic restoration and preservation of the National Historic Landmark Fireboat Edward M. Cotter.  The Standing Committee has approved support in the amount of $60,000 for emergency repairs provided the Friends match that amount by June 2012 and spend the funds by December 2012. 


Bird Island Pier Project – City of Buffalo $750,000

The purpose of the Bird Island Pier Reconstruction project is to reopen the recreational walkway that extends south from the first refuge platform below the Peace Bridge to the final refuge platform at the source of the Niagara River. This portion of the pier has been closed to the public since August 23, 2010, due to the loss of structural support for sections of the concrete walkway.


War of 1812 Bicentennial Signage Seaway Trail - $15,000

Funding for 3 new Outdoor Storyteller Signs will interpret the history of the War of 1812 at key sites along the Great Lakes Seaway Trail National Scenic Byway as part of the 200th Anniversary Commemoration of the War. These interpretive signs are part of a larger War of 1812 Bicentennial Commemoration project being undertaken by Seaway Trail. The sites include Black Rock, Niagara Square, and Erie Street at the Buffalo Harbor.


Tonawanda Shoreline Stabilization Proposal – City of Tonawanda - $250,000

The City of Tonawanda is requesting $250,000 for the stabilization of City shoreline along the Niawanda Park River Walk Trail that runs parallel to the Niagara River on River Road (State Route 266).


Riverrock Gardens – Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy - $220,350

The Project will interpret the historic layout of the minnow pools with a rain garden meadow feature while restoring the historic planting plan that surrounded the water feature. The current concept will collect surface run-off and promote infiltration into the ground water table. The proposed concept will honor the historic integrity of the pools and its original planting plan while addressing the current drainage issues on site.



Front Park -- Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy - $435,000

The Front Park Gateway Project will address serious deficiencies in how all of the user groups are welcomed into this node of the Niagara River Greenway through enhancements every access point to Front Park.  Improvements include significant landscape enhancements at each site, as well as installation of a system of wayfinding and directional signage. In addition to providing better access to the park, there are several additional improvement proposed as a part of this project to enhance the park as a focal feature of the Niagara River Greenway.


Riverfest Park -- Valley Community Association - $104,000

The project will construct an 80’ dock extension for greater access to the waterfront and to facilitate activities.  


Scenic Woods Bicentennial Park -- Town of Grand Island for - $164,371

Bicentennial Park is envisioned to be a year-round facility that will offer the public a variety of passive recreational opportunities ranging from walking, jogging and bicycling to bird watching, cross country skiing and snowshoeing. It will provide visitors with opportunities to directly experience the scenic qualities of the Niagara River and its associated upland, riparian and wetland habitats.  The Committee approved support of site preparation ($41,070), structural ($30,750), signage ($16,500), site furniture ($10,550), plantings ($19,040), design and permitting ($46,461).


1812 Bicentennial Commemoration – 1812 Legacy Council - $128,000

The Council was created in 2008 as a cross-border non-profit organization to increase public awareness and participation in the Bicentennial, throughout 2012-2014, which will mark the 200th anniversary of the three-year War of 1812, and the extraordinary 200 years of peace between Canada and the United States that have followed.  The Committee approved support for site amenities ($5,000), museum exhibits ($40,000), flags ($5,000), educational programming ($23,000) and ship visits ($55,000).


Bird Island Pier Project – City of Buffalo - $750,000

The second phase of the project started in 2012 to complete the repairs to the entire pier.  The purpose of the Bird Island Pier Reconstruction project is to reopen the recreational walkway that extends south from the first refuge platform below the Peace Bridge to the final refuge platform at the source of the Niagara River. This portion of the pier has been closed to the public since August 23, 2010, due to the loss of structural support for sections of the concrete walkway.


Front Park Phase II – Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy - $433,650         

Phase 2 is related to the character defining features and activities within the park. Restoration has occurred at the Stone Shelter, setting the stage for relocation of the playground at the north end of the park to the shelter area. Work will include interpretive signage for the War of 1812 along with repairs to the granite pedestal of the Commodore Perry Monument. 


ADA Accessible Fishing Pier -- City of Tonawanda - $210,000

The City of Tonawanda will construct a handicap accessible fishing pier and concrete walkway along the mouth Ellicott Creek and the Erie Canal. It will be located at the mouth Ellicott Creek north of the pedestrian bridge in front of the Long Homestead Bridge.


Landscape Planning Grant – Town of Tonawanda - $70,000

The Town of Tonawanda proposes to conduct a feasibility study and prepare preliminary plans to landscape the Tonawanda waterfront corridor, with primary emphasis on River Road and secondary, broader emphasis, on the connecting corridors of Grand Island Blvd., Sawyer Avenue, and the lower portion of Sheridan Drive.


Francis Folsom Cleveland Fair Weather Inlet -- Cazenovia Community Center - $187,800

Cazenovia Community Resource Center (CCRC) operates the Francis Folsom Cleveland Floating Classroom (Floating Classroom) and a fleet of keel boats. Committee funds will be used for construction of a project to expand the programming by adding a dock-system, floating interpretative center, more age- appropriate boats for younger people.

Tifft Nature Preserve Sustainability and Environmental Education Center  Phase 1- $150,000

This project will allow the Buffalo Museum of Science to expand the education center at the 264 acre Tifft Nature preserve.  It will include a 2,500 square foot multipurpose room for programming, lectures and regional environmental conferences and additional office space for additional education staff.  A new entrance and deck will increase accessibility and safety.  The existing space will be enhanced with interpretive displays that highlight the unique stories of Tifft, the waterfront and the heritage of the City of Buffalo.